League Rules (Huron Perth Fastball)

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Update from the AGM and Executive Meeting held earlier this year. The following Rule Changes will be in effect for the 2024 Season, rules will be updated on our site in the next few weeks.

  1. Good conversation was had regarding our U9 Division. After careful consideration it was decided that the U9 Division will be Girls Only starting in 2024. Conversation also included introducing a pitching machine as an option for the coach pitch portion – watch for updated rules prior to next season.
  1. Rule 5.8 was clarified and modified to:  For U11, runners will not be allowed to advance on an overthrow that remains in play, or an overthrow that goes out of play. Only one base stolen will be allowed per play. A runner on third base may only advance on a hit ball or when forced to advance on a loaded bases walk. To further restrict base stealing Coaches must agree.
  1. New Rule - 5.15 Photographs and video may only be taken in public view, must observe generally accepted standards of decency, and be both appropriate for and in the best interest of the athlete.
  1. Rule 6.9 modified to - In order to play in the Huron Perth League, you must first register with your home centre before pursuing playing for another centre. Releases are only valid for one year.